Game of Checks: Payday is Coming

Everyone is getting all hyped up for Game of Thrones, and with the lack of students you probably have this summer (I mean free time) we all know you’ve binge watched three seasons already getting caught up.  Here’s our take on the GoT characters in the music education world


Ned Stark-favorite band director you’ve ever worked with. Retired after your first year


Varys-That other private teacher who approaches you in between classes and starts gossiping about people you’ve never heard of before.


Cersei-The salty private teacher.  Tells you about the time they almost won an orchestral job.  Always hatching a plan for a new, non-music career. Constantly telling you this is their last year private teaching.

Joffery-First year band director. 10 years younger than you.  Tells you things to do that make no sense.



Tyrion-That one student who spends half their lesson telling you a story, rather than playing. Still makes Region band somehow




Arya-first year private teacher. Has 3 students, but they are going to be amazing! Also, has never heard of taxes


The Night King-Appears only occasionally for pre-UIL guest adjudication. 1,000 years old.  Scares the middle school students

Hodor-Teaches tuba, enough said



What characters did we miss? Comment below